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Raise The Age

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Juvenile System Reform

LSJA supports local and statewide policies that
right-size the criminal and juvenile legal systems

  • Minimizing system engagement as much as possible
  • Growing probation resources and preserve local control
  • Focusing on the specific, individualized needs of youth
  • Providing scalable, graduated options to meet youth and system needs
  • Committing to the shortest appropriate time period for youth to be in the system
  • Having youth stay as close to their community wherever possible according to their best interests, with a focus on keeping youth out of the adult criminal legal system
  • Infusing trauma-informed care into all interventions

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In 2021 we advocated for the Second Look Bill in Texas, which would have provided children sentenced to adult prisons (some without a parole hearing for decades) the chance to have the Parole Board take a second look at their case.

LSJA also sought to end the incarceration of survivors in Texas whose crimes were a direct result of human trafficking and interpersonal violence by creating an affirmative defense to prosecution for these individuals.

Finally, LSJA advocated for policies to advance systemic juvenile justice reform and to create a clean slate for those returning to our communities after justice involvement.

2022 Policy Focus Areas

Raise the Age (RTA)
Remove 17-year-olds from the jurisdiction of the punitive adult system and placed under the jurisdiction of the rehabilitative juvenile system.

Second Look
Demand a Second Look for children who were sentenced to die in prison.

Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD) Sunset Review
Support a strategy that keeps kids closer to home for rehabilitative treatment.

Clean Slate
Advance policies to automatically clear all eligible criminal records across the United States.

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