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The Survivors’ Project Coalition is a collaborative effort of nearly 40 partner organizations and experts in Texas who work with those who have survived human trafficking or domestic violence. We are aware that these individuals—the great majority of whom are women—experience unique vulnerabilities in the criminal legal system. We have also found that prosecutors and the legal system more broadly has failed to take adequate account of survivors’ experiences in assessing their culpability.

For that reason, we have worked closely with Governor Abbott and the Board to ensure that survivors’ experiences are accounted for in the clemency process. We were deeply appreciative when, in February 2020, Governor Abbott created a specialized clemency process formed for such individuals. This led us to join together to provide free legal advice and assistance to survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence who are interested in seeking clemency.

A survey of 130 youth survivors of human trafficking conducted by the National Survivor Network found that more than 40% had been arrested 9 times or more for actions performed under coercion by their adult abusers. Their resulting criminal records then make it difficult for them to get a job or to access safe and affordable housing, both of which are vital to achieving independence, stability, safety, and lowering recidivism.

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You can apply for assistance from the Survivors’ Project through our online application. Submitting an application does not guarantee pro bono assistance. 

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 Looking to give some pro bono hours for a good cause? If you agree to take a pro bono clemency case, you will be trained and receive free continuing legal education credit. With button: Sign Up Here.

Receive Client/Family Support

Connect with fellow survivors of human trafficking, intimate partner violence, and other abuse as part of the Survivors’ Project peer support group.

This application for pro bono legal services is NOT the clemency application that needs to be submitted to the Board of Pardons and Paroles for the Governor’s consideration.

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