Olivia Cole

Olivia Cole

Board Member

Olivia spent the first 20 years of her professional career in the advertising and brand building business. In 2006, she co-founded the award-winning independent creative shop, GoDo Discovery Co. (formerly known as greenlight), and since then, has focused on identifying and interpreting insights that authentically connect brands to audiences through advertising, content and culture.

It was her personal passion for local philanthropy and brand experiences that cemented her desire to fully commit her work within the impact sector, leading both Olivia and her agency to Café Momentum, and in turn, Momentum Advisory Collective.

After several years establishing the pro bono and impact practice at GoDo, Olivia stepped away from her agency in late 2019 to pursue the opportunity of a lifetime with Momentum Advisory Collective as the organization’s founding Chief Marketing Officer where she led the creation and launch of the M.A.C brand; executive produced the Building Momentum documentary and spearheaded the formation of important advocacy initiatives that expand our programmatic support of justice-involved youth – Momentum Ambassadors and The Momentum Pledge.

Today, as CSO, Olivia advises and drives the creation and implementation of strategic initiatives that support the organization’s vision, as well as ensuring that planned initiatives are optimized to support Momentum’s growth and national conversation goals.

Olivia’s deeply committed to making real and equitable change for every young person in our country. Alongside her executive team, she is working to build brand partnerships and strategies that create national expansion opportunities for the Café Momentum model and position Momentum Advisory Collective as a key voice in national, state and local discussions on changing the system so that every young man and woman in this country has the opportunity to reach their full potential.